Special Education Students are entitled to individualized programs

Your child has a federally protected right to a personalized education program. Every student is entitled to an individualized program based upon their needs, at the level they are currently at, based upon thorough evaluations by experts in the field. The same "one-size fits all, cookie cutter approach" learning atmosphere does not work with special education students who need specialized programs.

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Michael Inzelbuch has successfully represented and/or advised parents/guardians in over 85 municipalities throughout New Jersey.

New Jersey is one of the most consistent offenders... of the federal government's mandated directive for including students with disabilities in a meaningful fashion in the regular education setting.

Michael Inzelbuch is a lawyer with a big heart. When it comes to fighting for your child, he takes no hostages. He will make sure that you get the results that you are entitled to by law, nothing more, nothing less. While his down-to-earth approach makes clients feel more comfortable, his determination, focus, and relentless persuit of justice often makes districts uncomfortable. Take a look at his track record, and contact Michael to represent your child towards an personalized education program suited to your child's needs.

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Parental Rights in Special Education

New Jersey Department of Education
Revised September 2012...
Article by Michael Inzelbuch

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 Responsible child advocacy is one of the hallmarks of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA) ...