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The following questions have been answered by Michael Inzelbuch.
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Q. Michael - what is the most important thing that you can share with us?

A. Justice is slow, but when you get justice it stays forever. No instant results, but the fruits of our labor last for a long time, if not forever.

Q. How should parents prepare for eligibility meetings?

A. In New Jersey, if a child is exiting Early Intervention, parents should make referral to the school district 120 days before the child’s third birthday. This will ensure that the child has a smooth transition into the school system and allow evaluations to occur so a program can be ready for the child. Parents should also provide the school district with complete information regarding their child. This will help the Child Study Team recommend the educational evaluations which encompass the difficulties their child presents with. Parents should have a personal calendar available when evaluations are being scheduled to ensure that they are, in fact, available on those dates. If a child should become ill, the parents should contact the evaluator immediately to reschedule.

Q. What services are available to NJ residents whose children have special needs?

A. Early intervention is available to parents of children ages birth through 3 years old. When your child turns 3, the local school district is available from 3 years old until age 18 and in some cases to age 21. Most pediatrician offices and hospitals will provide information regarding access to Early Intervention. In addition, the telephone number for Early Intervention in Ocean County is 732-341-9700 ext. 7602. In Monmouth County, the number is 732-431-7456. Middlesex County is 732-745-3131. The Division of Regional Ear